Debbie (debmats) wrote,


Because Foxy asked me to...

Two Names I Go By: Debbie, Deb
Two Parts of My Heritage: Japanese, Japanese
Two Things That Scare Me: Creepy bugs, heights
Everyday Essentials: Diet Pepsi, a book to read
Two Things I Am Wearing Right Now: A's t-shirt and fuzzy slippers
Two of My Favorite Bands or Musical Artists: Dan Fogelberg and John Denver
Two of My Favorite Songs: Scarecrow's Dream and My Sweet Lady
Two books that changed my life: Don't have anything specific
Two Things I Want in a Relationship: Trust and love
Two Physical Things that Appeal to Me: Smiling Eyes and a swimmer's build
Two of My Favorite Hobbies: Reading and traveling
Two Things I Want Really Badly: A harp and my own house
Two Things I Want to Do Before I Die: Find my mate & make a difference

Two people who should take this: greenmtnboy18 and trektone
Tags: meme

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