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Stolen from Rikky-chan who stole it from somebody else...

1. As a child, who was your favorite superhero/heroine?

Green Hornet? Marine Boy - though I never actually thought of him as a superhero. Just a pretty neat person who could swim underwater thanks to that gum; had a nifty boomerang and dolphin buddy named Splasher.

2. What was one thing you always wanted as a child but never got?

A rock tumbler. I was also fascinated by rocks. OOh shiny things!

3. What's the furthest from home you've been?

Canberra, Austrailia? Stockholm, Sweden?

4. What's one thing you've always wanted to learn but haven't yet?

Play the harp.

5. What are your plans for the weekend?

To get over cold. Get grandma's twin bed ready for pick up.
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