Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Lots of stuff going on this week. I need a "time out" from life, I think...

Last Tuesday, herefox spoiled me with some tasty olive and onion pasta and then put on one of my favorite movies - "Jumping Jack Flash". =)

Wednesday was difficult.

Thursday, things were getting on my last nerve, so I dragged Foxy out for dinner at Tied House (garlic/blue cheese burger = yummy), followed by Irish Coffees at St. Stephen's. Very mellow.

Friday, was a sort of "recharge batteries" day - slept until 10am, did the gym thing and did some odds and ends around the apt. trektone and I had dinner at the jook place next door to the place we went last time. I liked the newer place better.

Saturday and Sunday were spent at Gayle's. Packing. Moving stuff from her place to Karen's or to the storage unit. Watching da kiddies. My van is now a two seater. I have to hope that I can figure out how to put the seats back in.

Saturday evening, K,G & I went to Joyce and Ron's 25th wedding anniversary party held at the Oakland Airport Hilton. Semi-formal-ish - Joyce wanted to dress up =).

Father Patrick renewed their vows in a short ceremony. Ahhh...

Buffet was delicious! Chicken teriyaki, grilled salmon and prime rib. The grilled veggies in a ginger sesame oil dressing was wonderful. Seafood salad, tossed green salad and pesto tortellini!!!

Sat at the same table as misstsapinay aka "Wee Willie" and her new boyfriend Steve. Finally got to meet her other friend Geoff L. Got to meet Wesley's gf Heather. Wesley looks very good in a suit. =) Chatted some with Nancy, Lisa, Erica and other Sonido family friends and relatives.

Slideshow was very cute. My, we were very young then. I don't feel that much older though.

Oh dang, just remembered that the kids had picked out plates, cups, napkins and a birthday tablecloth - and I forgot to pull them out. Drat!!!! The kids couldn't agree on a theme - so there were Star Wars cups and plates. Disney princesses cake plates and cups. Winnie the Pooh Happy 1st Birthday napkins. Hello Kitty tablecloth. Sponge Bob party favors. Barbie something or others.

As today was Gayle's 40th birthday, we had Japanese food and some yummy carrot cake. Was good and only put 4 candles on. Vague thoughts about putting all 40 and setting off the smoke detectors.

Oh well.
Tags: birthday, family, friends

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