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Disneyland, Part II - The Fairy Tale Wedding

Alani & I shared a bed. She is such a bed hog. She keeps rolling over and pushes you along. Kyle slept on the floor. K & G ended up in a bed.

Saturday morning was a lazy sleep in. Karen was up and about by 8am. I think I was next up. Kids slept in until 9. Lori, Karen's friend, was coming for the kids at 10am. The kids know Lori and her 7 year old niece, Emily who's a great buddy of Kyle's.

I'm not sure the kids knew what was going on - and we really didn't give them a chance to argue. It was "bye, have fun!" and off they went.

Between Gayle's heels and the heaviness of the wedding present (calphalon pans are not light), decision was made to drive to the Disneyland Hotel. The wedding was held in the hotel's rose garden. Not sure exactly where to go, but we followed the other Asians who were all dressed up and found the place fairly quickly. It was great to see the cousins.

We were all ushered into the rose garden. The was just a rainbow of roses! There was a white gazebo in the middle where the ceremony would take place and rows of white chairs - all in a grassy area. I so just *love* walking on grass. (NOT!). At least I was wearing flats - Gayle & Patty were sinking into the grass.

The program was a fan in the shape of Mickey's head. Definitely needed as it was warm and sunny. We all got packets of something white but not quite rice shaped. One cousin got brave and tried it. Definitely not mints or rice. Have no idea what we're supposed to do with it, other than throw it?

We were still chatting away when we realized that the ceremony had actually started - looked up and saw the bridesmaids walking down the aisle (A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes). The groom & groomsmen were all lined up on the stairs of the gazebo. Ooops. All that Disney music just blended in. I think it needed to be louder as the fountains from the hotel were drowning it out.

The bride arrived in Cinderella's carriage - silver and glass - pumpkin shaped - just think of the Disney movie. Footmen in baby blue livery. White horses with feathers in their caps.

Ceremony had a false start - sound system was working and nothing could be heard over the fountains. Got the mikes to work, and the reverend just started from the beginning. There were two flowers girls - one of them had to be carried away because she was crying. Stage fright? The ring bearer turned out to be one of the footmen - with his nose snottily in the air, one hand behind his back, the other carrying the satin pillow the the rings - he marched down the aisle and delivered the rings. Wedding was short and sweet - and the new couple rode away in Cinderella's carriage.

Pre-reception was held in the patio at the Grand Californian. Open bar and lots of yummy munchies (CA rolls, feta/mushrooms quesadillas, mini pizzas etc). Never realized that the monorail ran through the hotel. Lots more yakking with cousins (Patty, Marcia, Heidi, Satomi, Darren, Robert, Phyllis and Marie)

Mickey Mouse Cake

Luncheon reception was held in the Grand Californian's Ballroom. The wedding cake was a squared tiered white frosted cake with gold foil mickey mouses. The cake topper was Mickey in a tux and Minnie in a gown. Instead of a guest book, there was a photo album of the couple and people were invited to sign on their favorite picture's page. The wedding favor was a bamboo plant in a clear candle holder vase - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the bamboo survives.

*** Kyle and Miki ***
Kyle and Miki

Lunch was a corn chowder, followed by a stuff chicken breast with mashed potatoes and then a creme brulee with raspberries and served with macaroons.

Got to chat a bit with cousin Ricky - he who was a bit late (missed the ceremony cuz he got lost). At least he wasn't like Rachel and her dad Gary. They thought the ceremony was at 5:30 instead of 11:30.

K, G & I left around 5 to go rescue Lori. Took us an hour to get from Disneyland to Monterey Park - it's not that far in miles, but traffic was stop and go. It's a Saturday for goodness sake! Ugh. The kids barely acknowledged us - they were having too much fun. Tic tac toe games in chalk covered the drive way. The "aerobed" swimming pool looked worse for wear - slightly deflated in the middle so the kids could easily get in and out. Lori was still in the land of the sane. Go Lori! Karen's other friend, Annie was also over along with husband Matthew.

Ended up going out to dinner at Shakas' - Hawaiian/Japanese food. YUM! Spam musubi! Kalua pork. Rice and macaroni salad with hot sauce. Kyle & Alani had udon and chicken katsu.

Drove back to the hotel - trip only took half and hour - still bad in places though. Kyle crashed. Alani was still very wide awake. She and I went outside and watched the fireworks from the front of the hotel. She was sad when it ended. "More Please???" She crashed soon after.

I went to Disneyland and did a bit of looking around and some shopping. Gotta love the season pass!
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