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Doug's Memorial Service

Yesterday turned into an all day family gathering.

Doug's memorial service was at 1pm, so I met Karen & Gayle at Karen's around 11:15am. Alani & Steve stopped by while K was getting ready. They had been at the park and had seen that somebody was home at Karen's. Quick snuggles with da little sweetie and then we were off to San Jose.

We got to the church around 12:20 - a good 40 minutes before the service. There was already no parking to be found, so the two cops out front were having people double park in the middle of the street (two rows worth). We ending up parking about a block and half away (in the middle of the street =) ) I wonder how far the line went as people kept coming in droves.

The church was already pretty packed and people were already standing in the back. We squished in with some cousins. Lots of family - Shojis, Ikes, Nagaos and all of Gayle's (Doug's wife) family.

The church holds about 250 people. The annex (hall/gym) was set up for 500. There were so many people that people were outside too. It was just amazing how many people showed up. One of the Gayle's cousins said that they were expecting a thousand people.

Doug was one of those people who never met a stranger. "Charistmatic" was used a lot during the eulogies. Also "a very giving person - the guy you'd call if you needed help in anyway". Most of his buddies from the Zebras basketball team that he played on from 8th grade through high school (college?) - they served as honorary pallbearers. I have never known anybody to have 20 pallbearers. You figure that Doug hasn't played on a Zebras team in over 15 years, but it was lovely that all these friends came.

The service didn't start until almost 1:30 - they were trying to accommodate all the people who showed up. The service itself was not very long. One of the eulogies was a compilation of letters that many of his friends wrote to say good bye. Lots of stories. It seemed to take forever for everybody to file through to pay their respects. The seven day memorial service (mostly family) which immediately followed the memorial service was over in 20 minutes and we didn't get out of church until 4:30pm.

Buffet meal afterwards - so we got to do a bunch of chatting with cousins. Byron, Jennifer, 2 year old Guy Victor and 3 1/2 month old Flynn (yay! got to see da baby!) had flown out on a red eye from Virginia. Aaron & Aly (6 months preggo!) had driven up from LA that morning.

Went over to Gayle's place for more chatting and eating - leftover from the buffet. Oy. Guy Victor LOVES finger jello and edamame.

I got ragged on from several people as the Thanksgiving flyer had not gone out yet. It's not even Halloween yet!!! Guess I'll get it done this weekend. I normally mail it on November 1st. We will always have Thanksgiving. Count on it. More talk about family reunion at Konnocti Harbor next year.

Finally got home around 10:30pm

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