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In Memory of Douglas Scott Shoji 1970-2005

The other devastating news that was awaiting me was that my cousin Doug passed away suddenly Thursday night. He had been up in Burlingame for something work related, so afterwards, he and a bunch of coworkers went to the go-kart place? (malibu grand prix type place). He had gone to get something to drink and collapsed. I don't know if he had had heart attack or stroke? He was probably gone before the paramedics got there.

He was only 35 years old. He leaves behind his wife Gayle, mom & dad, Elaine & Skip, sister Michelle, brother-in-law Dave. Plus many uncles, aunts and cousins.

I have always known his full name - he was always getting into mischief - and so his full name was used often. It got to the point that when his dad would say "Douglas!", Doug would finish it up "Scott Shoji!!!". I think he was 4 at the time.

My cousin Patty had told Karen at the wedding, but the news was kept quiet.
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