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What's happening...

Hmmm, I'm behind on my lj again...

The week in review =)

Last Wednesday, trektone and I went to Silver Dragon for a comfort food dinner. Silver Dragon was a favorite when I was growing up with most of the JA that I know. Got there around 5:45pm - place was fairly empty. My memories of the place were that it was always busy. Ordered a bunch of favorites - homyuk (steamed minced pork with salt fish), prawns in lobster sauce, guylan (chinese broccoli), roast duck and rice. Me, I'd been craving homyuk for a long while - it wasn't as fishy/salty as I remembered.

Thursday, herefox and I went to Theatrework's Baby Taj. I liked this one a lot. Differences in customs/traditions. The whole biological clock bit. Love and marriage. Definitely would see it again.

Friday was a lazy day. Went to the gym and then out to Ole's for breakfast with Liz. Did some house cleaning. Some book packing. Back to re-reading J.D. Robb's Eve Dallas series.

Saturday & Sunday were lazy days. Packed up more stuff and moved it over to the storage unit. K & G were going to see Proof (the movie), but I figured seeing 5 movies in the space of a week was a bit much, so I just did the hermit bit. Bowed out of going to the St. George's Sprits Open House with Foxy & roommates - vodka and whiskey are not my favorite things to drink. Sunday evening, I was supposed to go to the Leukemia walkathon but I made the mistake of sitting down on the couch and resting my eyes and...

Monday night, went over to Gayle's place for an early celebration of Alani's 4th birthday. Didn't get there until 7pm, so while K & G spent the next hour putting together the My Little Pony's Celebration Castle (heart/star stickers had to be stuck on all over the place), I munched on dinner and supervised. For the past 10 months, Alani has been showing everyone that dang castle in the My Little Pony catalog which comes with each My Little Pony item. "maybe you get it for my birfday???" The kids were having a blast with it.

Tuesday, Foxy made a red beans and rice dish (with roux, not tomatoes) - spicy... yum! Watched several more episodes of Witch Hunter Robin. Then, Ferrel, Kel, Foxy & I scared the neighbors by playing KR. Duets were indeed terrifying.

Tonight, finally made it over to Joyce's - get well present and all - even though she went back to work on Monday. She, Jenny and I were comparing surgical incisions, though Joyce's were still under bandages. She didn't want to look. She's doing well!!! Went to dinner at Acapulco's and yakked. Then we went over to Walgreen's so I could pick up wrapping paper for Kyle & Miki's wedding gift. Joyce MADE me buy the Disney Cinderella wedding paper and the matching card. Oy! Karen is so going to cringe when she sees the gift.
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