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Mirror Mask and some catch up

Can I just say that it turned my brain inside out?

herefox just laughed cuz I kept muttering "weird, really weird" afterwards.

Very Dave McKean. Very Gaiman. Lots of fishes swimming around. Delirium definitely had a creative hand in this. Lots of fantastic back grounds that I would have liked to investigate. Oooh Shiny!!!!

Definitely a keeper.

Met up with andreal for lunch today. Haven't seen him in quite a bit - he didn't make it to the Uffington Horse concert last Thursday because of work.

We went to a creperie - chicken/artichoke sausage with tomatoes, cheese, and spinach in a buckwheat crepe and salad. Yum yum yum. A bit of ice cream (sugar free mint chocolate for me).

Saturday was spent at Nikkei crafts fair - cousin from hell was up. Didn't buy much, but did order some earrings for xmas prezzies. Did meet up with Karen & Gayle and kids. Dinner at Emil Villa's - rib fix and all.

Sunday, after quick brunch with K, cousin from hell, and critical cousin at Ole's, K & I went shopping. As in all afternoon. Ikea and Orchard Supply Hardware. I bought several pots, packets of seeds and potting soil. I have to split a couple of my existing snake plants (plastic pot has split) and want to grow some alysseum and morning glories.
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