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Bought my ticket for Serenity for Friday at 10:30pm!!!

Heather & Uffington Horse concert on Thursday - currently it's herefox, lilacfairy, indigorogue and me going. 'leena is flying in from NM Thursday afternoon and going home Friday.

Saturday, K & I went to the A's game. They won!!! T'was a gorgeous day.

Afterwards we went to Macy's to pick up cousin Kyle's wedding prezzie. Somehow, I managed to end up with the two calphalon pans and *I* get to wrap them. Dang. Karen's house is in shambles as she's making space for G & the kids to move in as of the first of November.

Sunday, I picked up the kids and did the usual Rainforest Cafe lunch. Alani ran up to me and gave me a huge hug and just snuggled for a good 5 minutes. I hadn't seen the kids since the Great America trip... A bit behind in the dinosaurs, so we made a quick stop at toys r us - kyle got a dinosaur lego set & alani picked out a doggie salon.

K & I went to the A's vs Texas game... A's lost. They had a chance to gain on the Angels, but da bats were deader than a door nail.

Booked our hotel for our Disneyland/Fairytale Wedding trip - staying at the Tropicana, across the street from the main gate.
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