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Note to self: Try the unknown green sauce FIRST - before you go pouring it all over your lovely fresh pork tamale. OOOOOH HOT!!!!

Went to the Farmer's Market this morning with K. Picked up some broccoli, radishes (red and white), russet potatoes (time to make stew!!!), okra, eggplant, tomatoes and onions. Smelled the tamales and had to have one.

K & I spent most of yesterday in retail therapy - 3 hours in Ikea (including meatball lunch) and then several more hours at Bay Street in Emeryville. We also stopped at the Futon Shop where she was able to get her questions answered. She liked the all wood cohiba style and is currently debating on whether to get the full size or the queen.

OOOh shiny fireworks last night after the A's game. A's lost though =(

I am in a cooking mood. Possible menu items this week? Beef curry stew, okra/daikon okazu, and pot of hot & sour soup.

Still in search of a good jook (rice porridge). My last batch came out a bit too thick. trektone & I tried a new jook place a week ago Friday - Gum Kuo. It was good. Duck sauce was salty, but it worked out when you dunked the duck in the jook. We had more of the Tucker's Rosenblum's Syrah ice cream - which I managed to talk him into taking home the rest of the gallon tub. Yay!

Tuesday, herefox made some delicious chicken enchiladas. Spicy, but not too much to my taste =) In my grumpy pms mood, I whined when he put on the movie Latter Days. "OH NO, not another cheesy, angsty teen age movie". Grump Grouch Bitch... Okay, he was right, I did enjoy it very much. Am debating on whether to just give in and buy the soundtrack.
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