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Why did I wait so long to do this???

Bought an wireless mouse tonight. Have been dealing just about forever with a mouse whose cord is too short. Have been using this new toy for the past hour and it's just plain lovely. Dumb. Should have saved myself a lot of frustration and bought this stupid thing a long time ago. *sigh*

Work has been a bit insane (so what else is new?) especially these past two weeks. Trying to get new payroll programs up and running, plus trying to figure out a bug in the payroll program that's been there since 1996 (oh joy) plus helping payroll clerk & accountant to balance out the W2's (why am I doing this?). Mustn't forget stuff that needs to be done for two cities' budgets plus benefit statements plus demo on Monday plus negotiation support.

Did figure out the problem and fixed the program for the 1996 bug. Also fixed the pay check not displaying correctly (what a mess!)

I am so looking forward to the evening at Water Course Way on Thursday. Have already reserved room 9 Bats (hot tub, steam room & cold plunge)

It's now 2:30 and I have to be bright eyed and bushy tailed as I'll be watching Kyle & Alani this morning at 8 - Movers are coming in today to do the big stuff. Oy. This is a very positive thing for sister's family - their current upstairs neighbor seems to be on drugs - mean and unpredictable and has been making their lives hell.

Am not tired, so I guess I'll go read some more of The Tomorrow Log by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller.
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