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Whole Foods Is Dangerous When You're Hungry

Yup. Being tired and hungry is not a good combination to tackle the Whole Foods ready made food section. Nope nope nope.

Debbie was veddy veddy busy bee today. Day started with a 6am workout at the cult gym. Today was our annual Employee Services Faire and the Alternate Transportation Committee was flipping burgers - all two members. There're only 6 people on the committee and two sort of there in name only. Of the other two: Isolde was away on an internship with another city and Holly's hubby had just gotten out of the hospital. So it was just me and Ramon - we cooked 200+ hamburgers and 34 garden burgers. Plus, I was the tech person on site, so I was running back and forth between the open enrollment area and the bbq area =)

Went to da splash splash place for an hour of tubbing and sauna. Just wonderful =) Got room 2 - "Two Stones" for the first time.

So it's 7:30 and I'm all noodle-like and tired. I was so not going to cook. Walked over to Whole Foods and because I was hungry, everything looked REALLY GOOD. One nice thing about the salad/deli bar area, is that you can get small containers of this and that. You could just lump it together in a bigger container, but it was more fun to do the little boxes. So I did. A little cabbage cole slaw (so-so). Dolmas (yummy!). Taboulleh (so-so). Spinach sauteed with garlic (needs more garlic). Seaweed and chard salad in a sesame oil/garlic dressing (wonderful!). Polenta with turkey sausage (good). Potatoes au gratin with prosciutto (sounded better than it was and the potatoes are bit crunchy). I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow...
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