Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Busy, busy, busy... Part III

Monday... what did we do on Monday?

Wharf Day.

Took the 9:25am ferry over to Pier 41. Morning fog. Definitely chilly, but lovely. Tammy was again wearing my fleece Oakland A's jacket - colors were close enough to her beloved Green Bay Packers colors. I do not own anything in her other favorite color combo - *hissss* Dodger Blue.

I was the only one still out on the deck when we went under the Bay Bridge.

Walked to Ghiradelli Square - lots of stops along the way. People watching. I've been hitting the wharf on the weekends and it was nice to not have the crowds for a change. We did NOT eat at the Rainforest Cafe. The fog did clear for a bit, so Christopher & Tammy were able to get clear pics of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

The Market at the Cannery was closed. Waaahhh... It's going to become the Oakville Grocery.

Had lunch at Swiss Louis. Crab Louis was delicious. Kev ended up with a crab sandwich instead of the clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. Tammy had a sourdough bread bowl filled with chili and Christopher had the lasagna.

Christopher decided that he'd like to get his name done in the Chinese sponge painting style, so he and Kev head back towards Ghiradelli Square to the artist there. Tammy & I investigated many of the stores at Pier 39 - and spent a chunk of time in Harry Mason's. They did carry the earrings that I had coveted since I saw Tammy wearing them (ear wrap in silver - leaves with a dark blue stone).

5:20pm ferry home. Tired us. Usually during a bower gathering of any size, there is down time, but not this trip. Probably the most low key day was Thursday.

Dinner at Kamakura's. Tammy tried the kappa maki, but it was not to her taste. I must have been craving something, cuz I killed the sukiyaki. Kev had mostly sushi. Christopher enjoyed the chicken teriyaki.

Had some of Tucker's Rosenblum's Syrah ice cream with chocolate chunks and drizzled with Prager's Chocolate Port sauce.
Tags: bower, friends

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