Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Busy busy busy busy busy...

It's been a non-stop week!

I was working on Labor Day, Tuesday and Wednesday - last minute changes to project which is going live this coming Thursday.

tammy_g flew in late Tuesday night. Had a late/early breakfast at Denny's, went back to my place and yakked until 2am???? Then crashed.

Wednesday, I got up at the usual time and worked. Tammy met up with her school chum Teeghan (sp?) and they went off and played. Got a check in call from pezazul that he and clsinstl had arrived safely and that they were off to SF MOMA and Metreon. Museum turned out to be closed. =(

herefox trained up around 6:30pm - he and I went to Amarin for a quick dinner and yakking as usual. Tammy got in around 9ish I think and we yakked until 2am. (a pattern I think)

Thursday morning, Kev & Christopher picked up lilacfairy and met us at Ole's for breakfast. Bacon. We almost called siodchan - and all we were going to whisper was "bacon...".

After breakfast, we went to Dark Carnival for a book fix. Books gooooood... Then onto Rosenblum Cellars for some wine tasting and St. George's Spirits for flavored brandies (pear!!!), Hanger 1 Vodkas and pear & raspberry liqueurs.

Dinner at Acapulco's - Karen, Gayle and Katherine sat at one table; Lee, Tammy, Foxy, Kev, Christopher, misstsapinay, Wesley and I sat at the other table. Lots of bean dip and guacamole!

Wicked!!! Joey and I had decided to try and get a group together to see the show. In all, we got 30 tickets! My group included everybody mentioned at dinner plus toob and his two roommates. We all sat on the right side just off the aisle, while Joey's group sat on the left side just off the aisle (except for johno and chriso - they and two of their friends were in front of us.

Had a blast! Enjoyed watching my sisters and Wesley's reactions to the show. They really liked it. Laura & I were able to discuss what changed from the last time we'd seen it.

Car bounced all the way home.

Tags: bower, family, friends, musicals

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