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She's (hopefully) leaving on a jet plane...

Well, that was interesting.

11:20am - Tammy realizes that either she misread her plane's departure time or it had changed dramatically. Like instead of 2:30pm it was leaving at 12:10pm.

Thank goodness she was leaving out of Oakland!!!!!

I had taken her suitcase down earlier (49 pounds!!!), so she just grabbed her carry ons plus the wine/goodie box. Took her a chunk of time to get everything packed this morning.

Got to the airport around 11:35, dropped her off at the curb and then I went to park the car. Came back about 10 minutes later and she wasn't at the ticket counter nor did I see her in the security line, so it looks like everything is copacetic.

We met pezazul and clsinstl for an early breakfast as their flight was at 11:30am out of SFO.

House is quiet. Weird...
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