Debbie (debmats) wrote,

No Bo *sniff*

I survived my first American Idols Concert...

I enjoyed it. No Bo though - he's sick and didn't perform this evening. *sigh* Young girl sitting next to me was sad. She had made a Bo poster and everything.

My favorite two performances were Carrie's cover of Heart's Alone and Total Eclipse of the Heart sung by Jessica !!! and... wait for it - Scott.

Also enjoyed Constantine's Bohemiam Rhasody and almost everything that Anthony sang. Was tired of Vonzell after two songs, but I did enjoy I Have Nothing . Group harmonizing has improved immensely.

Giggled at Foxy's expressions as Constantine sang My Funny Valentine. *snicker*

Lots and lots of teenage screaming. Poor ears. Little girl sitting in front of me was literally bouncing up and down in her chair. It was a bit loud for her younger brother - so he sat in daddy's lap.

I think Kyle & Alani own at least one of each of the light up thingys that I saw go off during the concert.

Yes, I did buy a program.
Tags: bower, concert, friends
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