Debbie (debmats) wrote,

A rehash of the week...

Monday, I got off early enough to pick up K at the airport. She wasn't expecting me, so it was sort of "hope she comes out via the main terminal, rather than southwest as she was flying southwest, but using a main terminal gate". Yeah. Lucked out, and we did meet up. Ah, the joys of no cellphone, though it wouldn't have mattered as she never turns on her cellphone anyway. We ended up having a nice dinner at Tomatino's. Some pizza, some pasta and lots of salad.

I really need to get a new cellphone. Maybe this week.

Tuesday was dinner at Foxy's.

Thursday, Foxy & I met up for dinner at Palo Alto Sol (mexican) and then went to see Theatreworks' newest show "Harold & Maude: The Musical". I had never seen the original movie, so I had nothing to compare. I enjoyed it - wasn't expecting the May-December romance, but I did find myself singing bits of it afterwards. Wonder if there will be a cast album??? It's doing well enough that they've extended the run another week.

Friday - I love my 9/80 days off! Liz & I went to the gym and then out for breakfast. Then I cleaned out my car and took it down to the car wash for a well deserved bath and cleaning. Costco next. Really needed to do some stocking up.

Met Joey for dinner - I am still not brave enough to visit his snakes yet. We went to Seoul Gom Tang II in Oakland - I had a soft tofu with seafood hot pot served with kim chee, hot pickles of cucumbers, turnip and some green onion. We got both steamed rice and the red bean rice. We also got a sort of egg/green onion pancake thingy which was good - sort of like an "okonomiyaki".

Went to Dark Carnival and picked up several Luna books including msagara's Cast in Shadow. Also picked up a collection of Nini Kikri Hoffman's short stories and the newest Patricia Briggs' Raven book. We stopped at a bookstore on College Ave., and checked out the stuff next door at Bittersweet.

Drove over to Piedmont Ave. and did a bit of window shopping; stopped at Spectator Books and the tea shop. Then we went to Fenton's Ice Creamery. I hadn't been back there since they reopened after the fire. I got the fairy food sundae - angel food cake with mint chip and cookie dough ice creams, marshmallow & hot fudge toppings, whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry. I didn't even make it through half.

Lots of enjoyable chatting as usual. =)

Saturday, Liz & I went to the A's vs Tigers game - Love love grandslams when they're hit by the home team. A's win! 9-5! Barry Zito got the win!

Then picked up the kids and met up with Karen & her friend Laurie and Emily, Laurie's 7 year old niece. Some pics are here. The adults had teriyaki chicken dinners, Kyle had udon, Emily had a hamburger and Alani had udon and a hot dog (no bun... shades of Mat!).

No new family members to dance for - just for a friend, Deniz and Joey's dad.

Did not repeat the giant sugar donut + soda incident from last year, though the kids were all rev'd up for some reason. Kyle met up unexpectedly with school friend, Brittany, and they had a blast.

Sunday was lazy - got up around 11am after finishing Kay Hooper's newest. Then I walked over to the Park Street Art & Wine Festival. Either they had a bigger turnout than usual or they ordered fewer glasses, but for the first time in years, I wasn't able to get my yearly wine glass & beer pilsner. Oh well. Almost bought a dolphin shaped corian cutting board, but I didn't really need that size and I've got pezazul's birthday gift figured out. Did go to Debra King's booth and buy two more hawaiian jumpers for Alani and a new lizard shirt for Kyle. Alani is still wearing the jumpers I bought for her, but they're a bit SHORT now. She's been wearing them as shirts.

Saw pretty pictures, but I was good and didn't buy anything. Nothing really shouted out "BUY ME".

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