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Today, Lee escaped from her 2+ month hospital adventure. Yay!

I hadn't slept well - lots of things to do both for work and for friends and family. Was already at the computer by 7am, working on program to correctly calculate end of year payouts (unused float holidays, unused sick leave etc) Many problems because we were paying stuff out after first payroll of the year instead of the prior. Throw in a last minute salary increase for the fire fighter unit and had to redo a bunch of calculations. MOU changes too *sigh*

Got a phone call at 10:15 that my car was ready. Walked up to dealership and paid out $400 for major maintenance service + $60 for smog check. Found out that due to new law, I actually didn't need to have done a smog check to renew registration *sigh*. Too late. Drove over to Lee's to feed cats and do some last minute straightening up. Got home at 11:15 to find out that Lee had been sprung early and had left the snf with her health aide at 10:45. Jumped back into car and as I waited to at Broadway & Santa Clara for the light to turn green, heard mad honking and saw Lee waving at me as they crossed Santa Clara. OOpsy.
I had the keys to the apartment. Drove over to Lee's house and waited for Lee and Dalsie (sp?).

Lee carefully walked from the car, up the walkway, up the flight of stairs to the front porch. Took a short break, and then walked up the flight of stairs to the first landing and then the remaining 8 or so stairs to her apartment doorway. Hard work, but she was home. YAY!!!

After quick look around her apartment, she sat on her bed and was soon joined by Moggie. Much happiness.

I went and picked up Noah at BART and lunch. Stayed at the apartment for about an hour and then I headed out to Gayle's - Gayle & Steve had their first marriage counseling session, and I got to play with Kyle and Alani. We watched Star Wars: Episode 4 (not the new stuff). Alani spent most of the time crawling around and/or sitting in my lap giggling at the funny faces that silly auntie debbie was making. Kyle was on couch, standing on his head or doing somersaults. We had a very enjoyable pillow fight - I was the evil tickle monster, ya see.

Went back to Lee's - ordered Chinese food from Chin's - fried won tons (her favorite), crab rangoon, egg rolls, fried rice, chow mein, sweet and sour pork, lemon chicken, shrimp in lobster sauce (my favorite), mixed veggies, beef in broccoli and lots of fortune cookies. Lee made up her shopping list, and Noah & I did a Safeway run - it also gave her an hour to herself. I think she enjoyed it =)

When I left, a smiling Lee was sitting on her bed, Moggie snuggled in her lap, Gemma at her feet. I think Lee was going to torture Noah with some ballet porn... *weg*

Well, as far as Gemma is concerned, things are back to normal
She bit me - 3 times. *sigh* Drat cat.

Oh yeah... Buffy Season III DVD was waiting for me! And I didn't have to pay shipping.
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