Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The week in review...

Today, met up with Liz and we did the Curves thing, followed by breakfast at Ole's. Had the breakfast special - ham steak, eggs and pancakes. They make awesome pancakes. Guess I was hungry, cuz I killed the lot (well, I did give Liz one of the pancakes). Accidently poured a bit of cream instead of a bit of syrup - but it wasn't bad. I was just a bit not awake.

Liz has been brave and posted her personal ad. I have barely started mine. Have no idea what to say. Ideas welcomed.

Last Sunday, got a phone call from G. Heat + cranky kids. Help! So I took the kids out SF and the usual Rainforest Cafe lunch. Traffic was horrid and my usual parking garages were full. Well, it was a beautiful day. Took an hour, but found parking and then after a 40 minute wait, got seated - underneath the perch of the leopards. Alani loved looking up and watching the leopards' tails swing. Kyle was starving - he wanted me to order another personal pizza for him. Compromised and gave him some of Alani's fries and dinosaur nuggets, and then we ordered the Volcano for dessert. The volcano is a BIG pyramid of 3 chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream in the center with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, nuts and a decoration which looks like a sparkler. Kids have loved it ever since we got one for G on her birthday.

Tuesday night, had dinner at Foxy's - he made the onion, black pepper pasta that I loved from BowerCon 99. Yum. It was sort of a farewell dinner too as Charlie was leaving to move to Vancouver the next day. (hmm it looks like Charlie deleted his lj?). We played a game of Carcasonne - one game lasts a long time when there are 4 sets of tiles combined. Charlie won as usual.

Wednesday, had a lovely dinner at Linguini's with Lee. Hadn't spent much time together in a while, so we got caught up with things. Made plans to go to Marin faire in August.

Thursday, didn't want to cook. Had mistakenly thought that there was a Theatreworks show, but I'd realized that it was next Thursday. Dragged Foxy out for dinner - Kapp's - feta, onion, artichoke hearts with a pesto sauce pizza. I love their antipasto salad inspite of all the iceberg lettuce. Got to watch the A's vs Texas game on the big screen during dinner. A's won! Played KR until 10:30.

Tonight is Obon. Have not made a single practice and I'm not sure that I'm going to go. I'm watching the kids tonight too. Alani and Kyle took their dance stuff and wore their yukatas home last year, so I don't have anything. I did remind G about it, but I don't know if she found anything.
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