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Musings Part II

Thursday was a crazy day at work. Told Foxy I absolutely needed hot tub and I was stuck in meetings so would he pretty please make reservation at water course way. We had a very nice soak in Room 3 Trillium. Nothing elaborate, just lovely hot tub with many jets - found one that hit neck level. Also found one that hit back of calves and one that did bottom of feet. Much sighs. Ended up eating dinner at the hamburger place with the retro decor. Can't remember what it's called, but the Ortega chili/cheese burger and fries were delicious.

Friday was a scheduled day off (9/80 work schedule). Went to see Lee. Was informed that she was to be released on Tuesday. Tuesday? It had been sorta tentative - nobody officially had told her that she was going to be released - it was said in passing by one of her pt's a while ago. Excuse me? Last I heard, her social worker was going to try and meet up with her family and Me (HUH???) to plan her home care. Trying to do this on the FRIDAY at 3PM and they're going to let her out on Tuesday? I have yet to talk to anybody and I think I'm supposed to pick Lee up and take her home to an empty apartment? Me & Gemma can't stay in the same place for any length of time - she makes me sneeze and wheeze even when I take really strong allergy meds. I usually can't last more than an hour, if that. Grrrr... already told Lee that I'd probably be having WORDS with her social worker/discharge planner.

Will be spending part of the Saturday cleaning her apartment. Did some spot cleaning on rugs - lots of spills from when Lee first got sick and then there are the spots where cats have been sick, dragged butt across floor... Don't know if I'll have time to do rent steam cleaner and do rug. Kitchen & bathroom floors needs to be scrubbed down. Found another cat puddle in bathroom *sigh* Need to scrub litter box too. Need to remember to bring small screw driver to fix closet door knob which fell off. Hopefully I'll be able to open door without other half falling out.

Went to Costco this evening with Karen. Poor Karen got an earful as I complained about social worker/discharge planner. Also asked much questions about what should be asked, what should be expected and stuff she knows from pt point of view. Yes, Karen got an earful. Couldn't even use shopping to put myself into better mood. Only spent $87 and none of it was fun stuff - other than the Pinocchio dvd. Ended up taking Karen to dinner at Scott's Seafood Restaurant at Jack London Square. Dinner helped a lot. We lucked out and got a table overlooking the estuary. Had a lovely spinach salad with feta cheese, bacon and tangy vinegrette followed by an assortment of grilled seafood in a wine lemon garlic sauce. YUM. Spent an hour at Barnes and Noble - bought books. Me happy.
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