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So, we got to the mall around 11:20. Had about 20-30 people ahead of us - but they were "groups". The line at that point only got to the next store over though by midnight the line went all the way to the other end of the mall (by Mervyn's if you know Southshore).

While we were waiting, I said something like, "so long as you have something with your name on it, it would probably make the looking up of names go faster..."

Joyce looks at me and says "I thought you put in the reservation for Wesley?"

I looked at her "Huh? I thought you did. That's why we're here and not at Books, Inc".

Uh oh. Wesley is now looking very troubled. I said he'd get a copy tonight no matter what as I had a 2nd copy coming later on via Amazon...

It wasn't a problem. The store had LOTS of copies *weg*

At midnight, I embarrassed the hell out of Wesley by singing Happy Birthday. *WEG* At least I didn't sing it like 'REAL LOUD'... The expression on his face was priceless. If he could have dropped me down a well... hee hee

Happy 19th Wesley!!! Oy!

Earlier, Joyce and I tried to make him laugh - making faces and all. It worked really well when he was 3. Oh well.

Picked up the new J.D. Robb & Suzanne Brockmann. Wes LOVES books, yesss we dosss. PRECIOUS...

Got home by 12:25am. Then I drove over to Books, Inc to harrass Lee. Gave her the Ghyslain chocolate from her loyal bowerkin of Midwest BowerCon.

Must read...
Tags: friends, harry potter

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