Debbie (debmats) wrote,


Went to the A's game. Zito almost pitched a no-hitter - he made it to the 8th inning. Good game. A's won 7-2!

I have to laugh. Got a phone call from bestest friend Joycie. "zzzz are you ready?" "Of course I am" *bounce*

Joyce is not a night person but as she, hubby Ron and son Wesley are all going to the HP party at Walden's at our local mall, so she's driving. *weg*

HP has been really great for Wes. This was a kid who didn't like books longer than a hundred pages or so. Prisoner of Azkaban was over 400 pages. Goblet of Fire was over 700. He reads most anything now - even those long Stephen King books =)

Depending on how long it takes to get our copies at Walden's, I'm going to try to get over to Books, Inc (Lee's work) too.
Tags: a's, friends, harry potter

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