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Still feeling a bit bouncy - herefox and I went to see GrooveLily at the Little Fox Theatre in Redwood City. We got seats just above the right side of the stage. Very cool - loved watching Brendan jam on the piano and Gene doing a number on the drums. Valerie is definitely preggo with the GrooveSeed aka Spike. The last song she sang - sometimes it was hard to tell what was voice and what was electric violin!

Took Foxy out to Milagro's for his birthday dinner. Then we walked over to the theatre and spent the next few hours dancing around in our seats. =)

I broke down and bought the 6 pack of cds. Now I have an extra copy of Striking Twelve.

Got home and found a package from Buzzy Multimedia. My audiobook of Steve and Sharon's Local Custom!!! Yay!!!
Tags: bower, friends, groovelily, liaden

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