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Midwest BowerCon 2005 - Part III

After arriving back in St. Louis in under 4 hours, I think all that imitation of "TEAM NO SLEEP" business caught up with us. Kev started doing laundry and I sort of just sat on the couch and "rested my eyes".

Christopher, Kev & I went out to Sen, a Thai/Asian Bistro. Eclectic mix of Thai, Chinese and Japanese. We split the appetizer plate of chicken sate`, spring rolls, coconut shrimp and corn fritters. I ended up with Ten zaru soba (cold soba noodles with tempura). Christopher had some sort of Thai drunken noodles with chicken and Kev had a spicy vermicelli noodle with veggies.

Christopher decided that he really HAD to watch the news (uh huh) , so Kev & I played KR. *weg*. Fun as usual.

Repacked my suitcase, where I found THAT GOURD CANDLE. With all the goodies I picked up - books, spices, prezzies (cocoa candle and bath powder from Diney!), and chocolates - my suitcase was just as heavy going home as it had been coming out. Oh well.

5:45am wake up. Still didn't get much sleep - my turn to toss and turn I guess. We were out the door by 6:25am. Very little traffic, so we made it to the airport by 6:45. *sniff* Oh well, Kev will be flying out this way in September.

Uneventful flight home - gotta love these nonstop flights. BARTed home and took a taxi from the station. Note to self - it's less than $10 including tip from Fruitvale BART to home.

Diney's puppet stories have totally changed the way I interpret Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head.

I managed to not look at 'Reesa's toe.

Bowerfolk can manage to sit around the table from brunch to dinner and not notice the passing of time.

Fireflies are cool!

I enjoyed looking into Pippin's eyes. Wise, old eyes. =)

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