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Midwest BowerCon 2005 - Part II

Saturday, we must have all been coming down from sugar highs. Slug butts, the lot of us. Tammy made a lovely prosciutto & feta cheese strada - but we didn't make it to the breakfast table until noon or so. We sat around the table and chatted and then moved to the living room and yakked some more until it was time to go out for dinner.

I did finally get to read Miri's story - A Fighting Chance. Go Miri!!!

Some of us went to Penzeys Spices and spent a gleeful half an hour buying spices.

Oh Foxy... I bought you some ground ginger and a large bag of crystallized ginger. *bambi eyes* Pretty please???

We checked out a home decorating/furnishings store - I think Kev & Alex would have made off with the gliders if they could have figured out where to put it and how to get it to their homes... Pretty dishes... I wanted the coffee table which doubled as a storage trunk. top slides open - could store all the blankets/pillows.

Michelle & 'Reesa were very happy with the bead store next door to the restaurant.

Dinner at a Mongolian BBQ. One bowl for $11.99 or all you could eat for $13.99. Interesting array of ingredients. Bison anyone? I figured it would be an Asian style soup - but they were serving either chili or broccoli with cheese soup.

Afterwards, we went to Barnes & Noble - in search of more copies of Women of War. Diney got the last one. 'Reesa was not happy - so we went to Border's. This bunch has managed to get almost all the WoW books in St. Louis & Indianapolis. Go Us!!!

Back to Tammy's. She made a peanut butter mousse chocolate pie. I had been bad, so I only had a bit. Yum. More yakking and laughing until 3 in the morning. Sleep? We don't need no sleep!!!

Sunday... Earlier wake up. Brunch at Scholar's Inn in Indianapolis. Champagne cocktails were half off on Sundays - which meant we had to all have more than one. Well, Alex & Kev did. I got the Vanilla Cherry Chill (Bubbly, vanilla stoli & a sugar rim) , but I tried Alex's Dreamsicle (Bubbly, orange juice, vanilla syrup ) and Kev's Berry Cooler (Bubbly, Chambord liquor & berry puree ) .

Alex, Kev & I pulled a "Joey". (Hi Joey!) Couldn't decide between two items so we got both and shared them around the table. I wanted the biscuits and gravy, but I also wanted the salmon scramble. Alex wanted the cinnamon buns and something else, so he got both and shared the cinnamon buns. Kev got the hash and the pecan pancakes and shared the pecan pancakes around.

There had been talk of getting crepes, but that would have to wait for another time.

The prosciutto chips were good.

The fried potatoes (white, red and sweet) were delicious.

Did not try the Scrapple. (I don't remember seeing it on menu, but it's listed on the online brunch menu).

Did a bit of shopping and sightseeing.

Back to Tammy's. More chatting, book geeking and laughing. 'Reesa made tom kha gai (Thai chicken lemon grass soup) and Tammy made lemon risotto and a pork tenderloin served over a bed of salad greens with papaya, mango, orange and golden raisins with a citrus vinaigrette. It was served with a Chateau St. Jean gewurztraminer and a Malbec.

While we were sitting around the table, I noticed a big black bug on the window. Eww bug! But then it lit up - green! Oooh!!! I saw my first firefly! It was old stuff to everybody else, but I was fascinated. Tammy, 'Reesa, Michelle and I went outside and watched fireflies. Cool. =)

Watched the first few episodes of Wonderfalls. May need to watch the rest. =)

Yet another late night. Same thing. Lots of yakking, book geeking and laughing. Lots of double entendres (sp?). *weg*

Monday Morning -
After another delicious brunch - french toast casserole made with King's Hawaiian Bread (oh yum!!!) and sausages, we started to make our farewells. *HUGS* It took about 40 minutes to finally leave. Diney & John had a 4 hour drive ahead of them to Columbus and then Diney had another 2 hour drive to Milford. Kev & I had a 4 hour drive back to St. Louis. Reesa & Michelle had a flight home later that evening and Alex would be flying home on Tuesday.
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