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MidWest BowerCon 2005 - Part I

Woke up on Thursday morning and my prescription woes were pretty much gone. Wednesday was insane and both Kev & I just totally blanked that Christopher is a pharmacy tech. So while I slept, Kev called Christopher and Christopher took care of everything. All that was left to do was go over to the pharmacy and pick up a 3 days supply. Yay!!!

I managed to get some stuff done for work - mainly my time card (it takes a minimum 30 minutes to just get it figured out, entered and balanced!!!). Then we went shopping - I got a new pair of easy spirit sandals - but mainly we hit 3 book stores - Walden's, Barnes & Noble and Borders. Why? Because we were in search of andpuff's and greenmtnboy18's new anthology Women of War. Walden's had none - they had sold their last copy on the first of the month. Considering the street date was supposed to be July 5th, I didn't think that was fair. Went to B&N and bought their two copies. Found two more at Border's, but we only needed one more. I had promised herefox a signed copy and I wanted my copy NOW (I think I've been very patient about the Miri story). I still have 3 other books for Alex to sign, but I will be seeing him again in November.

Stopped by the pharmacy, chatted with Christopher for a bit and picked up my meds. Sarah, the pharmacist said that she had spoken to my pharmacist in Alameda and everything was set.

We set out for tammy_g's around 5ish. I've said before that it's weird to me to be able to cross statelines in a short period of time. Missouri to Illinois to Indiana. Lots of fields. Corn, corn and soybean. Tammy says that the tall plants are corn and the short ones are soybeans. I only know strawberries, tomatoes, corn and artichokes. Stopped at Arby's for dinner. I am drawing a complete blank on where we went for lunch. We had gone to Steak & Shake for dinner Wednesday night.

Got to Tammy's with no problem - all this time I thought she lived in a "sub division" - not a house on a county road where there are no street lights and such. And her driveway? The one that I've been imagining as a steep, but concrete type? Nope. It's a steep hill, with gravel and if you don't stay on the narrow driveway, you end up in a ditch or the creek... marmalade_jack impressed me with how he was able to zip down the driveway backwards.

I want Tammy's kitchen! Big kitchen with an island and dining table that fits 8 or more. Open living room with brick fireplace and high ceilings. *sigh*.

Oh yeah, people. *weg* Lots of HUGS!!! Tammy, Alex, an_sceal and marigot! Alex had been out in October, but hadn't seen anybody else since WorldCon in Boston. Lots of chatting and laughter - t'was the best part.

'Reesa & Michelle got one of the bedrooms, Alex claimed the couch, Kev got the thermarest (which actually helped his back), and I got the aerobed. I have never slept on an aerobed. I spent the rest of the visit, like Eeyore, getting bounced. Tigger was played by Tammy, 'Reesa and Kev for the most part. I'd be minding my own business and *BOUNCE*. I'd go bouncing off or rolling to the edge. Hmmmm

Tammy made an Erik Estrada Strada (lots of ham and pineapple) for breakfast on Friday. Lots of Peet's coffee and homemade scones (some cherry and some chocolate... ooh and brownies too!!). Michelle and I drank our morning sodas - diet coke and diet pepsi, respectively. Our hostess was gracious enough to have both kinds. =)

Chocolate field trip!!!

We drove to Ghyslain Chocolates in Union City, IN. It's on the border of Indiana & Ohio. (I had to take a picture of the Welcome to Ohio sign...)

Met up with undinesprite and marmalade_jack. DINEY!!! Haven't seen Diney since the sekrut plots of 2003. She really needs a Tardis.

Scrumptious lunch - we had the dining/tour area all to ourselves. I got the ham with brie on a very buttery croissant. Yum... After lunch, we got a tour and then we got to make our own chocolate creations! Ghyslain himself showed us how to make a chocolate tulip bowl (amazing what can be down with a balloon!) and then we filled the bowls with chocolate mousse... oy YUM! We decorated our creations with raspberries, white & dark chocolate pipettes, chocolate ribbons and a white chocolate square with Ghyslain on it. Topped the creation with gold flakes. Ooooh! And the taste? OOOOhhh... foodgasm.

Spent a good amount of time in the shop. The pastries looked lovely, but I only had eyes for the 2 1/2 pound bread pudding. Topped with berries and cream. Tammy had wisely brought a large ice chest and we all put our crunchings and munchings in there. We loves our munchings.

2 hour trip back to Tammy's. Instead of the dinner that Tammy had planned for, we ended up eating the pastries and the bread pudding. Even Michelle, who does not like bread pudding, was in love with the bread pudding. We just passed the crunchings and munchings around and that was dinner.

Alex called jagyr_ebonwood (aka da nephew) and we sang Happy Birthday.

Lots of laughter and chatting until 2 or 3 in the morning...
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