Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Musings Part I

Well 2003 has started out *interestingly*

Sleep? What's that. Alani had a cold and was teething New Year's morning. Early morning. Very early morning. Up past midnight. Took her outside to enjoy the fireworks (couldn't see any, just hear them) She liked looking at Karen's next door neighbor's Whoville Tree. ('bout half way up, it starts leaning over until it's almost horizontal) Decorated with many lights and a star which George had to climb the roof in order to install it on top. She fell asleep soon after that, but woke up at 2 then, 3:30ish...4... Took turns with Gayle, walking her, bouncing her, rocking her. One unhappy camper. One more dose of cough medicine and she was finally happy. You know, last year, I remember walking and cuddling with baby Alani until 4am too. She wasn't sick last year, just happily being a night owl. Oy.

Was woken up around 9am by small boy putting his head on my arm and saying "happy new year auntie debbie" *smooch* and then he just snuggled closer and fell asleep. Ah sweetie.

Karen, Gayle, kiddies and I did the morning oshogatsu (new year's day) japanese food munch. Had our ozoni with mochi (good luck soup with rice cake) and black beans for good luck. Karen & I had thought about going shopping but ended up spending the day with da kiddies. Around 3:30, Kyle really needed a nap, but couldn't sleep, so he and I took a leisurely drive to San Francisco, down highway 1 to Half Moon Bay and back home via the San Mateo bridge. Lovely day for drive - enjoyed watching the ocean with the sun setting. Kyle finally fell asleep once we hit San Francisco, so he had long nap. YAY! Go me!
Tags: family

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