Debbie (debmats) wrote,

I hate it when stuff that's been working decides not to work.

There is a live application that handles our health open enrollment sign up. We finally have a real development environment (a dedicated server that I can blow things up all by myself). For some screwy reason, NOTHING is working on the development server. I seem to be missing web tools? We recompiled everything yesterday.

I've made changes to the back end and all I need is for the front end (which I HAVEN'T TOUCHED) to work so my users can test it while I'm gone.

I'm thinking some things are hardcoded to look for a specific url??? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Of course this comes at a time when I'm technically on vacation and have an airplane to catch in 8 hours. Still need to do laundry and pack. Hey Kev... I think I'm doing laundry at your place =P (not the first time, probably not the last)
Tags: vacation, work

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