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The Week in Review

Today, I was woken up by da telephone around 8:30am. T'was Kyle. He wanted to tell me that he loves me... and that he had earned almost 6 dinosaurs. He didn't mention going to the toy store, but he did mention the dinosaur bit several times. Alani just said "Hi!". I think he would have gotten around to the toy store bit, but I had to ring off as I was doing the dance of the wee bladder clan.

Went to nephew Shaun's 18th birthday/high graduation party. We had the terrace area all to ourselves (a dozen tables of 12?). Grilled salmon served on angel hair pasta was scrumptious. misstsapinay's chicken had candied walnuts on top and was served with polenta (I liked it, she at least tried it). Joyce had the steak with grilled mushrooms and mashed potatoes. It was mostly family but there were lots of high school friends there.

A's game this evening. They lost =(. If they had won, they would have finally been at .500 - oh well. Fireworks were lovely. There were some brilliant reds and golds. Love the cascading showers of color. =)

I managed to finish preparing the melon balls and the rest of the fruit by 2am. MUST NOT TITHE to mat_t!!! Set the oven on timer, so it would go back on at 4:30am and heat up the potatoes.

Slept until 5:45am. Got up, dressed, managed to get all the fruit and potatoes into the car and on the way to work by 6:10am. Traffic was wonderful and I made it to work by 6:45am. Emptied out the car. Started the coffee. Started the rice. Nuked the first package of little smoky sausages. Cracked open 30 eggs and scrambled them and got them started cooking. By 7am, I had help from Kyi, Deanna, Sandy and John. Chaffing dish was filled with potatoes and sausages. Fruits put into serving bowls. Muffins cut in half (they're big!) and croissants placed on serving plates. Butter, jams, ketchup, cream, sugar, sweet & low and shoyu out. (oy! forgot the salt & pepper). Juices opened. First batch of eggs done and put into chaffing dish.

Coffee done. Rice ready. Breakfast served at 7:30am. WOOWEEE!!! That's the first time I've opened on time!

I had to make a second urn of coffee. I have NEVER had to do that before. Maybe because I used Peet's coffee this time?

I think people were hungry this year or there were just more people or a combination of both. There were leftovers, but not as much as usual. I mean, just the coffee alone!!! And I had to make last batch of 30 eggs before 8:30 - which doesn't usually happen - sometimes that last batch isn't needed.

Tuesday night, I went over to Foxy's for a very relaxing evening. Homemade chili for dinner (which much to Foxy's dismay I ate over rice). He loves his chili with saltine crackers - hey, I had leftover rice from breakfast, so I had my favorite way of eating chili - chili over rice. =)

Foxy, Charlie and I played Carcassone with some of the expansion card sets. I really love the game!

Thursday! Les Mis!!!!

Thursday lunch, the I.T. division went out to P.F. Chang's Bistro in Palo Alto for our fiscal year end lunch. OOOh... very full. Mushu chicken was very tasty. I won a gift certificate to Target for having the most billable hours for the past 3 months (we just started tracking this - makes filling out one's time card a royal pain) for the software developers' group.

Foxy trained up to Redwood City and we ended up having dinner at Max's. As we drove up to SF, I realized that I hadn't printed out the directions to the theatre.

The reason I hadn't printed them out was because I was having issues with dratted .NET project. Was totally frustrated with the form. I needed to accumulate monthly totals, breaking it out by types. Was unable to DISPLAY one field. Two dimensional arrays are NOT DIFFICULT. A secondary dynamic array to hold the different types of equipment is not difficult to tie to the two dimensional array. USUALLY. Was having issues with webmaster as he said I should do it one way and I should use "structures". As I have no idea what a "structure" is (and I'll learn it) and I had to get project done by June 30th, I was going nuts. Just ask Foxy. He arrived early and was waiting in the cubicle next to me.

(There was an explanation on structures in my email Thursday night and I'll look at it before Monday. )

*deep breath*

So, Foxy tries to use mapquest via his cellphone. It was not user friendly. After about 15-20 minutes he did finally get it to give directions.

It was simple enough - but we somehow missed turning on Kearny. Oops. Ended up in Chinatown. Figured out where we needed to go, found a parking garage and then walked VERY FAST to the theatre. Got there with 5 minutes to spare, I think. Met up with Joey and his sister Linda. It was her first time. A Les Mis virgin. You would think with a brother who is as crazy about Les Mis as he is - would have taken her to see it a very LONG time ago.

Loved, loved, loved the show. Even though they've hurried it up. Shortened the glory notes (though I kept calling it "grace" notes that evening *sigh*). I heared the sped up version the last time I saw it in NYC. Something to do with overtime and actors' equity. mat_t's friend Christian knew about it. This version was much smoother - choppy, but not as choppy as the NYC version. Cried, as usual, through the death scene, especially with Fantine's & Eponine's ghosts.

Got my set of Wicked tickets from Joey. 14 tickets in all. Did anybody else hear my Amex card scream last week?

Yakked about the show all the way to the El Cerrito BART station where we dropped off Joey & Linda.

Friday morning, Foxy & I drove down to Carmel for a day of relaxation. Brunch as usual at Pernille's - love their veggie omelet with salami.

Did some shopping - bought two shirts at Coldwater Creek. More cheese (shropshire and a drunken sheep cheese), bread and four bottles of pinot noir (two Chumeia and two others on the recommendation of friendly wine guy).

Then we wandered into LUSH. OOOooooo... Me Bad. Very bad. Though, most of them are gifts!!!! Really. The stash is currently by the door as the combined smells are a bit overwhelming. My luggage is going to stink pretty.

The day was on the cool side - fog never cleared. Foxy decided to skip wave dodging. Not me... I didn't get too wet. Relaxed on the beach and munched on cheese and bread. Yum.

Drove back to San Jose - traffic was very light. Had dinner at Flames - mainly because we were both craving their carrot cake. Met Charlie across the street at Cine Arts on Santana Row to watch Howl's Moving Castle. I enjoyed it - maybe now I'll actually read the book. I've owned it for years...

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