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The things you learn...

Stuff I have relearned in the last few days...

My "old" girlfriends rock! Somethings you just take for granted. Not always good - take for example really good friends and how much they mean to me. Spent time talking to Lisa, Joyce and Mary B. a lot over the past week - even Jules way down in Florida. Main topic was Lisa's mom - but we talked about all of our moms - only two of group still have moms left. Life has been busy for all of us, and we haven't kept in touch as much as we should and we really need to. It's the love, the "you go girlfriend" and just sharing life experiences. I've known most of them since freshman year of high school... oy... going on 28 years.

I've learned that riding in the jump seat on the back of a fire engine is a lot of fun and waving to people (okay, having Santa standing next to you helps the silliness)and seeing little kids' reactions is just a blast. Last night, I participated in the police/firefighter toys for tots delivery. I got to play an elf (yeah, stop snickering *g*). The toys are delivered by Santa who is traveling in either a police car or hanging onto the side of a fire engine. Did I mention we got to do the lights and sirens? *WEG* Being an elf who gets to ride in fire engine is much more fun than being an elf who is stuck driving the 15 person mega van (last year's task) *g*

I've learned that I can still oooh and aahh and watch amazing acrobatics and trapeeze stuff with total child-like amazement. (well, somewhat child-like... Foxy & I were oooohing over the same gorgeous guys in skimpy costumes as they flew through the air. *weg*) Saw Varekai tonight and just loved all "flying about". Just watching these two guys spin, twist and fly around the stage - way high up, from one end of the tent all the way across in leather type short shorts with gorgeous pecs and six pack tummys... *sigh*

The final thing I learned tonight - when going over to Lee's to feed cats - leave her place as quickly as you can. Otherwise, you may encounter a situation of TMI. As I was locking Lee's apt, I heard some very distinct LOUD sounds coming out of the apt across the way. Oh boy *g* Did a bit of double take as in "I'm not hearing what I think I'm hearing. Oh. I am. Lock door and and get out of house ASAP" Definitely TMI. Hopefully I won't see neighbor in the near future *g*
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