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Feeling sort of weird.


This year our family is blessed with two family weddings.
My cousin Kyle is having a "Disney Fairy Tale Wedding" in October.
Another favorite cousin, Chris, is getting married at the end of August.

I guess I was a bit taken aback when I got an email from Patty, Chris' mom. She wanted to know about a few things and mentioned that the Alani & Kyle could come to the wedding, but that the hotel's reception hall could only hold so many people and that the hard decision had been made to exclude most of the kids at the reception. They thought that they'd have a separate meeting room in the hotel and possibly the parents could take turns watching the kids there. Patty then asked me to mention this option to Gayle and whether I thought Gayle would be able to attend or not.

From what Gayle has said, I am not sure Gayle is aware that the kids aren't invited the reception?

Chris & Abby have every right to do their wedding their way, I'm not quibbling about that. Just sort of sad that the kids aren't included - I'm thinking that many of the younger cousins will be excluded and they will be missed.

We had originally been thinking that "Great! Kyle & Brendan will have a chance to play at the wedding." Brendan, being Chris' nephew will probably still be at the reception. (Brendan & Kyle were born 10 days apart)

Will have to doubly make sure that Kyle & Alani are invited to Kyle's wedding. We'd been planning on a family vacation. Assume Not.


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