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Party Time! Lots of joyful noises =)

Friday, after going to the gym, I drove down to Hanford. Checked into the Sequoia Inn around 3pm. Pleasant room - king size bed, two comfy rocking chairs, desk with internet hook up (would help, I guess, if I invested in a laptop), large tv, microwave and mini fridge. Sage green & burgundy decor =)

Ooh, and a pool with a hot tub...

I think I should have had clue that with an address of 1655 Mall Drive that there might be some shopping to be had near by. Like, right across the street. Penney's, Mervyn's, Gottshalk's, Borders. So, I spent the afternoon shopping. Bought several pairs of shorts and two shirts. Everything was on sale to boot!

Drove to the Koinonia Church. Parking lot was fairly empty??? Saw bus in the parking lot - well, I was about 25 minutes early. Called Sony - had a quick chat - she was going to the NEXT day's show in Gardnerville. Rats. Got out of the car and walked over to the church and read in horror that the show was being held on the City Center Lawn. Where the heck was that???? Was going to ask bus driver, but the bus started pulling out. Quickly jumped into the car, and "followed that bus". Bus stopped in the historical area - right by a building which looked like City Hall from Back to the Future. Greek columned building. Library, I think. Parked the car, grabbed my jacket (realized that I could have grabbed a blanket) and found a spot on the grass in front of the make shift stage. Grass. In a skirt. Grass. Lovely.

Was able to chat with Shawna for a bit before the concert. =) She's having a good time this year - last year's was stressful and the group had some personality issues. She thinks next year she may go on tour as an assistant director - she's been learning much in these past 5 years - she's stage manager for this tour. Because this was an outdoor concert and they were having problems with their sound system (one speaker had blown out the night before), the concert was only an hour. I really enjoyed it. Lots of music and dance and very little preaching. =)

Was able to tell Shawna how much I enjoyed the show before she had to hustle off to work on the break down of the stage.

Back to the hotel. Nobody was in the pool! Quickly changed and then had a blissful hour and half in the pool and the jacuzzi - all to myself. *sigh* T'was lovely. I sometimes forget how much I love playing in water. Floated on my back and watched the sunset and the stars come out. =)

After a quick shower, I picked up dinner at the Jack in the Box down the street. Got really comfy in one of the rocking chairs and read while eating dinner. (salad & hamburger). I had evil thoughts of taking one of the rockers home...

Saturday morning, I was back on the road by 8am. Had wanted to pick up some fresh fruit and veggies from a farmer's stand, but nobody was open yet. Drove directly to Karen's and had time to clean up the car a bit before we left at 11am for the ballgame.

A's vs Phillies - a good game! Karen got a kiss on the top of her head from Stomper. Stayed until the top of the 7th - A's were ahead 2-1 and we'd seen some fantastic defensive plays and 4? double plays! A's did win!

Dropped Karen off, and then I went home to get ready for the parties. We walked up to St. Phillip Neri's for Sean Henry's Eagle Scout ceremony. We've known Sean since his family moved in next door to Mom's when he was 3? 4? Wow. He just graduated from Encinal High and will be reporting to Fort Benning, GA for induction into the Army. Oy. I worry about that and will keep him in my prayers.

Next party! Wesley's Graduation celebration! =)
Was able to chat with lots of people I hadn't seen in a while: Nancy, Adele, Lisa, Tik & John, lots of Sonidos & Tuazons... Joycie made two of her specialties - enchiladas and her fabulous spaghetti. Lots of bbq, salad, lumpia and RICE. Finally went home around 11:30. Alani had already crashed on Gayle's shoulder and Kyle was watching a movie with all the other "kids".

Sunday, I slept in until 7:30... stupid alarm. Read in bed for a bit. Made it to Karen's around noon. She had the kids at the park - sandbox time. De-sanded them and then picked up Joycie. Quick lunch at MacDonald's, and then off to Erica's graduation party. Hawaiian theme. Tiki bar =) Kids had fun playing limbo and playing dueling leis with some of Erica's smaller cousins.

Lots of chatting with Lisa, Joycie and Mary. Hadn't seen Mary's daughter Kelly in ages - she's 14!!! Mary's oldest is getting married next month. Oh boy. John is a year older than Joyce's daughter, misstsapinay.

Tomorrow is a vacation day - Kyle's promotion ceremony (aka kindergarten graduation) is at 10:15!


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