Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Hmmm, I am way behind on my journal.

Last Sunday, I went out for dim sum with Joey and his sister Linda. It was my first time at Saigon - food was good. We managed to get there before the big rush - by the time we were finished, the place was packed and the waiting line spilled out into the parking lot. Hadn't seen Linda since a wine tasting last year? Nice chat!

Joey & I then went to Dashe Cellars & JC Cellars Open House. Brand new facility! Tasted lots of zins and some other blends. Enjoyed the late harvest zin with the very chocolatey brownies. Yum! Picked up a bottle of the late harvest, had vague thoughts of picking up the 2002 Todd Brothers zin and perhaps the JC Cellars Isabel cuvee, but didn't. Joey managed to find a new friend - he seemed to enjoy discussing wines with Joey - again and again =).

Off to the AMC Bay theatre to watch the digital light projection version of Revenge of the Sith. Enjoyed it better than episodes I & II, but still liked IV, V & VI much more. What happened to the strong Padma of the first movie? The movie did manage to tie up most of the "whys" for me.

Dinner at A Taste of Himalayas - Nepalese & Himalayan cuisine. I enjoyed the CHICKEN NAUNI (Himalayan style chicken makhani) which is cooked in the tandoor and then cooked in a butter sauce & the LAMB Tarkari (Boneless Lamb pieces are cooked in Taste of the Himalayas Special sauce with different herbs and spices)

The vegetable momo (dumpling) was okay - I thought it needed something else - perhaps chili oil or something spicy. This lead to a discussion about "why" we liked certain things. Joey is much more analytical about food - the spice combinations, the way things are prepared. Me? Does it taste good? And the conversation went from that point on.

Fun day. =)

Monday night, I picked up some Salvadoran pupusas - chicken and cheese for Foxy, pork & cheese for me. Lots of the spicy veggies. Played Carcasonne all evening and got beaten for the most part. I do like the game. =)

Tuesday night, dinner again at Foxy's. He was in high cooking mode - he made chicken & apples, and twice baked potatoes stuffed with blue cheese and green onions. Delicious. Oh, and cheese cake with a tart raspberry topping. Yum. Yum. Yum. Got to finally meet toob.

We watched a movie with dinner - Straight-Jacket - it was okay, very cringy in the beginning, but the ending was stronger.

Played KR - did enjoy listening to toob sing "The Reason" - of course I was supposed to be singing at the same time (duets). Ryan sings the song with a "passion" and made me realize that I was merely just singing along. Hmmm. =)

Thursday was one of *those days*. I really needed some alcohol, so I dragged the poor Foxy out again. Sangria! I finally got something different at Fiesta Del Mar - Drunken Chicken Fajitas. It was actually very tasty! Will have to get it again.

Back to Foxy's and 3 more games of Carcassone. The gods of chance were smiling down upon me. Yay! Won all 3 games. =)


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