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Today started out a bad day. The middle was lovely. The ending is just pain in the ass.

I did have a lovely time with Kyle & Karen at the ballgame. We got to the ferry terminal around 11:30. The line was much longer than it normally was. UH OH... I also knew that the ferry would making a stop in Oakland first... double uh oh. When the ferry arrived, it was pretty packed - people at the railing in both Oakland A's caps and Giants. We started down the ramp and the crewman was counting us off... We made it with 10 people to spare *grin*

Kyle was a little bit scared of the whole thing, but by the end of the trip he was at the railing looking at the white caps and grinning and giggling. It is such a lovely sound. (okay, I'm a besotted auntie) We docked at Pac Bell Park and Kyle didn't want to get off the boat. Oh well. Watched the game up to the 8th inning (woooo new record with Kyle) and then ran down the ramps (which he loves) to catch the ferry home. Kyle lasted all of about 5 minutes on the ferry before he zonked out in my arms *grin*

Back to Gayle's - she made a lovely dinner of grilled steaks, scalloped potatoes, asparagus and salad for father's day dinner. Yummmm scalloped potatoes. Got my snuggles in with Alani *oooh sweetie girl* (like I said, I'm just a wee bit besotted)

Okay, at this point, my day went down hill again. STUPID DISCOURTEOUS PEOPLE who park in MY PARKING SPACE. Makes me crazy. Not only do I have to deal with people who park part way into the driveway which means I have to drive around them, but I've got to deal with friends/relatives of the downstairs tenants parking in my space. It makes me crazy. Okay. I have to fill up the car for work tomorrow anyway and the car needs a wash, so I go fill up the car and go to the do it yourself carwash. I must have been transported to the idiot zone. 1) I'm in the two car wash - the car behind me pulls in and opens up their hood. Now I have to be extra careful and not squirt water into their car. dumb dumb dumb. and he's smoking. Just another demerit 2) I pull out of the wash and this truck is parked sideways, semi-blocking the exit lane. Kid is drying his car. All he needed to do was to have pulled up maybe 4 feet and he would been totally out of the lane. So I'm backing up so that I can get a better angle and as I start to go and an idiot in a white camaro speeds out of the 2nd bay - backwards and I nearly hit him. Idiot was going to get the kid to dry his car for him??? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

And then I drive home. And the idiot is still in my parking space. I park my car on the street and gently open the front door. I then slam it with all my might and stomp up the stairs. *sigh* passive aggressive...that's me.
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