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Ah, the joys of meltdown.

Alani threw one hell of a hooey - ended up putting on the new winnie the pooh heffalump movie to distract her out of it. Kids stayed up until 10. Oh well. Just could not console her, or break her out of it. Kept telling her to "use her words", but when she gets that worked up, she just can't express herself. Didn't want to be held, but didn't want to be put down. Main reason? She was tired. Mommy wasn't home. (Mommy is out with friends) Wanted Mommy! Separation anxiety rears its ugly head again.

The new heffalump movie? Lumpy is veddy cute and utterly adorable.

Counted up the dinosaurs - there were enough such that a trip to the toy store was necessary. One more star wars figurine for Kyle and a white plushie pony for Alani. Pony's name is Cocoa, not quite sure "why" Alani chose that name for a white pony.

Went to the Emeryville Public Market for dinner. Got Udon for Alani & Rice & Beans for Kyle. Alani decided that she didn't want udon after all and started in on Kyle's r&b. Kyle not happy, but I told him to go order another plate full and gave him the money to pay for it. (we were sitting right in front of the taqueria). He was all smiles, though I did have to pry the change back from him. It looked like he had a nice conversation with the counter guy while he waited for his order.

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