Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Wesley's graduation

That was the shortest graduation ceremony that I've ever sat through. I think even the preschool ceremonies have been longer. One hour. That's it.

119 seniors graduated from St. Joseph/Notre Dame High School - including two of my "nephews" - Wesley & Shaun.

Shaun and Wesley

How did they grow up so fast?

Shaun is off to San Diego State, Wesley is going to my alma mater - Hayward State (now known as California State University of the East Bay - Huh???)

Two more of "my kids" are graduating from High School - Lisa's daughter Erica and Sony & Dave's son Paul. (who has completely recovered from his snowboard fall of a year ago January!!!)

And Kyle sweetums will be graduating from kindergarten on the 20th. Oy.


Alani & I went to the A's game. It was a blow out in the A's favor. Yay!!!!! Game started out with a lead off homer by Marco Scutaro and got better from there. 12-4 was the final - not that I was able to stay that long.

We got there around 11am as today was the Rich Harden bobblehead give-away. Didn't have to wait at all. Went up to the Stomper fun zone - Alani had a blast doing somersaults on the mats - gymnastic instructors were on hand to teach/spot the kids how to do stuff correctly. We were there for almost an hour. She should sleep very well tonight. =)

I got to watch the first two innings (A's scored 5 in the first and 4 in the second). Alani and her ponies cheered (otherwise we would have not made it that long). Had promised to pick up Kyle around 2:30 and go to Toys R Us - they had both earned a toy by doing their chores for the week. It was actually a quick trip - Kyle picked out a Star Wars figurine and Alani picked out yet another stuffed doggie (king charles cocker spaniel)

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