Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Brrr... went to the A's game this evening. I had thought that I didn't have tickets, but double checking the folder, I did. Of course, I realized that around 5pm and it was a 7pm game. Did a quick trip to the gym, quick shower and zipped over to the Coliseum.

Tonight was the usual Cache Creek Casino Friday night give-away - scratcher cards for prizes. It was almost 6:45, and they still had lots of cards left, so they were giving out more than one per person. I scored two third deck tickets for $1 each. When I went to redeem the scratchers, the person ahead of me in line had a bunch of scratchers and she gave me two more $1 third deck vouchers. Used the vouchers to get 4 tickets for the Baltimore game in August.

While I was waiting in line to redeem them, plus turn in tickets for Saturday's game because I'd be at Wesley's graduation, some guy came around giving away a 4 pack of tickets to the A's vs Mets game for Tuesday, June 14th. 2nd deck plus a parking pass! Something went wrong, I think, during one of the activities - the section that cheered the loudest was supposed to get win the 4 packs, but no section was ever announced.

Ah the joys of injuries - I had never even heard of our starting pitcher - Ryan Glenn. When did he join the team? He pitched well, but our bats were on the quiet side.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Go to gym

  • Wesley's High School Graduation Ceremony & perhaps even dinner

  • Babysit sweeties


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