Debbie (debmats) wrote,

The jukebox set some muse off - Joey kept singing bits of a song for the rest of the afternoon. He has filk on his mind. Beware.

The kids and I took the ferry over to SF yesterday. Was surprised to see the parking lot fairly full and lots of people in orange and black, then I realized that there was an 11:30am ferry over to SBC Park for the Giants game. They had to call for a second ferry to the park...

We caught the 12:10 ferry. Boat was pretty full for a weekend. Alani enjoyed hanging on the railing and having the spray and wind in her face. Kyle spent most of the trip flirting with the two sorority girls sitting behind us. He even gave Jackie his phone number. =)

Kyle was a bit sad that he hadn't been able to say good bye to them as they had gone inside before the ferry docked.

We always pass various tourist "rides" on the way to the Rainforest Cafe - the motorized cable cars, the bike driven carriages and of course, the horse driven carriages. Alani was especially fascinated with the brown horse who looked just like her favorite plastic horse - black mane and all. We went up to the horse and chatted with his driver - a young lady who was on her fourth day of work. I asked the kids if they wanted to go for a ride and they excited said "yes!". Alani spent the entire trip holding onto the back of the driver's seat, her face just over the railing, just watching Gilly the horse moosey through the crowded wharf traffic. Kyle started out next to Alani, but then sat on the forward facing seat by himself, and waved to all the passerbys. The "royal wave" =) He also flirted with the driver (dang it, I can't remember her name!) and asked her questions about her age, brothers, sisters etc. He proudly told her that he was 5, Alani was 3 and Auntie Debbie was 44. Oh well...

After a 45 minute wait (yes, the wharf was packed with holiday visitors), we sat up in the undersea area of the restaurant. Kids had their usual (pepperoni pizza with a giant raspberry slushie for Kyle and dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets with fries for Alani). I had crab cakes. Yum. Kids had sundaes, though I had had fleeting thoughts about ordering a volcano...

The only problem with taking the ferry over is that you are limited to the schedule. We had over an hour to kill before the next ferry - not enough time to go to the aquarium or do something else that they'd like. Meltdown 30 minutes before ferry... Oh well.

While waiting in line for the ferry, we chatted again with the sorority girls. Kyle was very happy. =) Yay! Ferry was packed so we didn't get seats next to them (probably good, but Kyle was unhappy). I did take Kyle over to where they were sitting before we docked and he was able to say goodbye.

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