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Wine, wine and more wine.

Lots and lots of wine today.

I picked up trektone and we had a quick breakfast at Jimmy Bean's in Berkeley. I enjoyed their corned beef hash - less meaty? Maybe because I grew up with the canned version, I like my corned beef more mooshed together.

First stop was the brand new, not officially opened to the public, Robert Biale Winery Tasting Rooms. Instructions said "NOT TO USE PAVED DRIVEWAY, USE THE GRAVEL ONE". Well, between the time the instructions had been sent out and today? The driveway had been paved. Oh well.

Spent the next hour trying a bunch of different wines - a syrah, a petit syrah and a bunch of zins. Liked the Black Chicken zin the best - and Joey gave me a bottle of it at the end of the day =) Don't fall over, but there are now two bottles of regular zin in my house that I *LIKE*. What is the world coming to?

Next we drove into Sattui's overflowing parking lot and just drove right back out. Memorial Day Weekend is NOT a good time to go to Sattui (and it was not even NOON yet). Drove on to Prager's for yummy ports and more sweet claire. Picked up some chocolate port drizzle for Midwest BowerCon and some Sweet Claire (dessert wine). One of the sons always says "You've been here before", but he never remembers my name. *g*

Northbound highway 29 (highway is only one lane in each direction) was a parking lot between Ruttherford and St. Helena. Had tried to make a left turn from Prager's and just couldn't do it. Made a right turn and as soon as I could I made a left turn - into the driveway of Heitz's Tasting rooms. Tasted the grignolino rose, trailside cab, ink grade vineyard port and either a zin or a merlot (maybe both?). Considering this was just supposed to be a spot to turn the car in the right direction - I ended up buying a bottle of the port.

We drove up towards St. Helena to place that Joey liked called Refreshers - but after looking at the long line to just order, we contented ourselves with a quick snack at A & W's. Joey had much fun with the free jukebox.

Parked at Dean & Deluca's. Ran across the street to Sattui, so I could pick up some shropshire cheese and some of the yummy silton with blueberries. Then fun at D & D's. I didn't buy anything, but Joey picked up very expensive cheese there.

Hit 3 more wineries - Hall's, Whitehall Lane's and Niebaum-Coppola's, but didn't buy anything more.

Quick stop at the Napa Premium Outlets, where I was able to pick up two new pairs of Easy Spirit Sandals. Go Me!

Had a belated celebration of Joey's birthday at Bistro Don Giovanni in Napa. Had a lovely bottle of the house cabernet sauvignon with dinner - I got the SEARED WILD SALMON FILET - Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes in a Tomato-Chive Butter Sauce and Joey had the lamb.

When dessert came around, Joey was definitely a happy camper. He had "BOSTINI" TRIFLE - Vanilla Custard, Chocolate Cake, Clear Caramel, Toasted Almonds, Whipped Cream and the sorbet - a small scoop of raspberry and two scoops of the grapefruit. Both sorbets are made in house and are very, very good. Grapefruit was tart without being sour and tasted wonderful. I ordered the chocolate truffle cake (guess what time of the month it is?) and half of it ended up going home with Joey.

I am trying to figure out what the kids and I should do tomorrow. Great America had been suggested, but I can't do it by myself - looking for volunteers...

Otherwise, we may end up doing the ferry trip and going out to lunch at Rainforest Cafe and then to the park.

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