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You know you've really pissed off somebody with power when...

The last few months have been insane - both work and personal.

This past week especially *sigh*

1) Issues with family. Sister's hubby is back and is willing to try couples counseling again. Keep your fingers crossed.

2) Work. Lots of deadlines because of calendar year end plus new stuff due to start of new year. Still covering for webmaster while he's off having a fun time in Australia.

3) Issues with friends. Still taking care of cats, though Gemma hasn't drawn blood in over two weeks. Lee is finally getting intensive physical therapy (yay!!!) and they're still working on getting her meds right. Other friends are going through stress because of loss of employment *sigh*

4) Jury Duty. I did not need the waste of 3 days plus stress of having to go through the almost getting stuck on a jury. Do not stick me on a jury when one of the victims is a child. Can't deal with it at all.

5) Ah yes. The final straw. Got home late. Traffic on bridge due to construction and an accident meant that it took 90 minutes to get home after Theatreworks show. Went and fed cats (12:40am) Went over to Karen's to check on mail, pick up newspaper and dump off stuff for party. Karen's in LA visiting friends. What do I do? I have some sort of brain fart and can't remember the stupid alarm code. 1am and the alarm is screeching. Alarm company no help. Gayle didn't answer her phone. Cops came. Couldn't leave house as closing door with reactivate alarm. It mercifully stopped after screeching for 5 forever minutes. The alarm is so loud, about all you can think (think????) about is putting your hand over the speaker and telling it to shut up. Like it's going to listen to you. Punching in any 4 digit combination of numbers to shut it up. *sigh* Gayle called around 1:45 with the code. I'm sure the neighbors are just pleased with me.
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