Debbie (debmats) wrote,

orange soda for dinner + small girl = very WIDE awake, not want to sleep, and very bouncy child.

K is usually at G's on change over night. Since I'm going out to dinner and a heather concert tomorrow night, we switched nights. It's been a really hard week for G, for all of us I think.

S dropped the kids off. Both kids very very energetic... uh oh =)

I gave the kids a bath and read two stories and then left it to Mommy to get them to sleep. "No, mommy lay with me until I sleep".

Well, then Alani changed her mind, and I ended up snuggling with her, and via esp, I'm saying "go to sleep little girl. You're really, really sleepy. Tired even". She must have her invisible tin foil cap on as I'm not getting through at all. After a bit, Alani decided to crawl on top of mommy, who is trying to get Kyle to sleep...

After half an hour, G comes thumping out, and says could I please lie with Alani. G then goes to bed. So, little girl is still bouncing around. Mental note... a wee bit of sugar goes a LONG WAY with this one. But then, I knew that. Milk at dinner Steve... oh well.

Read her three more stories. Back to bed. Snuggle her in with all her MacDonald wee doggies, pink unicorn, scooby doo and beanie buddie lab. She finally falls asleep around 10:30. Ugh.

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