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Still not feeling 100%, but am feeling much better than Sunday night. Hate it when my system decides to be sick. Sunday night I was counting the minutes until K got to G's and I could go home and crawl into bed.

Most of Monday was spent sleeping.

Tuesday, a couple of us got a quick overview of what to do if the web server and related applications decide to misbehave. Webmaster has the audacity to want a 2 1/2 week vacation starting next Monday. Considering he hasn't taken anything more than a day or two since his two month walkabout in Austrailia a couple of years ago, I guess he's due. Thursdays are going to be busy - council postings...

Tuesday night, had dinner at Foxy's - he made chicken curry and biryani (sp?) rice with garlic broccoli. T'was good. Then we watched Torch Song Trilogy, which I had never seen - even though it does have Matthew Broderick in it - good story. Happy? Sad? Poignant? Sometimes hard to watch? Yup.

American Idol. It will soon be over. Vonzell is going home, I think. Maybe Carrie.

More KR. We were worse than usual. Where the hell did that note go?

Did make it to the gym today. Go Me!

Have to start getting stuff ready for Relay for Life. Tent, tarp, sleeping bags, first aid kit, photos of Mom, Grandpa, Uncle Tosh, Auntie Mako, Irene... *sigh* Still looking for sponsors

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