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Southern Faire

By that Friday morning, we had found out about Pekoe's passing. Very, very sad to hear about it.

Foxy and I were just having one of those mornings. Everything from not getting into Ole's because we were moving very slowly and would have been late in picking up sillermoon and bf Eddie to realizing that the ice chest was still in the kitchen - after we had gotten ice and drinks at the store. Also had grabbed the coke with lime instead of the coke 12 pack. There's just a slight different in the packaging (small green stripe on can). Oh well. Did remember to pick up the girls' prezzies at Lee's.

Did introduce Foxy to the joy that is of a Hobo Breakfast.

Picked up Siller & E at the train station and we were off to LA. Original plans had been to stop at Casa de Fruta for lunch, but then the light bulb went off in my head that we weren't going via San Jose/Pacheco Pass for a change. We were leaving from Alameda... and that meant highway 5 almost the entire way. Ended up stopping in Santa Nella at Anderson's Pea Soup. Enjoyed the soup as usual.

Checked into the Culver City Travelodge around 6:30pm - made pretty good time during rush hour traffic.

Went over to Rainy and i_am_lono's place. Lots of hugs. Pounces from tiggrmish too! Realized that Sorcha is now TALLER than I am - and I loved the purple streaks in her hair. Emily is still adorable. =)

Picked up dinner at the Cuban place - PAELLA... YUM!!! I was happy. Lots of chatting - and BADGER too!!! We adjourned by midnight as it had been a long day and faire would maybe be early...

Foxy was again the perfect lady's maid. He had to teach Eddie how to lace Siller up. I enjoyed my last bit of breathing and then Foxy laced me up. We needed to be at Rainy's around 9ish as Mish & Em's friend Bill would be meeting us there. Rainy had decided that she really needed a time out to process, so just the girls were going to go to faire. Pictures were taken, but I haven't seen any yet... HINT HINT.

Took about half an hour to get to faire - the new site was very nice, though it was a bit dusty. I needed to pick up a pouch as I had left mine at home and my hat feathers needed emergency repair. I REALLY wasn't gone that long, but by the time the feathers were reattached to my hat, it was just me, Foxy, Emily & Sorcha. Spent the day wandering about, trying, with much difficulty, to spoil the girls (RAINY, you must work on their POINGING). Enjoyed Broon's show. Watched the joust, but it wasn't as good as others I have seen. Even Emily was ready to go after a bit - and she really loves the horses.

I managed to evade the Evil Glass Pusher's spell - mainly because we never made it back to his booth after the first quick peek. Did buy a new Nancy Chien-Eriksen print - the Path into the Light - I'd been wanting that one for a bit, but she hadn't had it with her in the last two shows. I did have a blast in Titania's Garden shop - rainbow butterfly wings for Alani and green and blue dragon wings for Kyle.

Dropped off Foxy, Siller & Eddie at the hotel and then took the girls home. By the time I had gotten back to the hotel, only had a short wait until it was my turn in the shower. Ahhhhh bodice freedom...

Back at Rainy's - we ordered Thai food. Much eating, chatting, karaoke revolution and wine.

Sunday morning, we had our usual yummy brunch along with lots of good company and charming waiter at Cafe Laurent. Roll call: Rainy, Sorcha, Emily, Mishi, Siller, Eddie, Badger, manawolf, Foxy, and moi. Love the scalloped potatoes.

Uneventful trip back up highway 5. Had dinner at Vaso's. Seafood risotto as usual (and grins from favorite waiter) and salad.

Cut it a bit fine on the way to the train station. HUGE accident on 880. Managed to go around it and we made it to the train station by 9:35pm. Their train was scheduled to leave at 9:47, but it was delayed over half an hour. If they had missed their train, it just meant that I'd drive them back to Davis. No biggie. Made sure that they got on the train and then made the 10 minute trip home.

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