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I think I am past the point of being tired. So instead of going to bed like a good little girl, what am I doing?

I'm putting together the 4 - 24 piece - My Little Pony puzzles that I won on Ebay. Pinkie Pie, Sparkleworks, Sunny Daze & Blossomforth.

Yup. All the puzzle pieces are accounted for. Very cute. Just left positive feedback to seller.

Have tried to read the back cover of Alison Croggan's The Riddle for yet the third time - but I am just too tired. Had to order it from amazon.uk as only the first book is available in US.

Caught up on lj - still sad over deaths of Pekoe & Gemma. It's been a horrible week for my bowersibs with four footed family.

Hopefully, sillermoon and E are home safe in their beds by now - their train from Oakland to Davis was over half an hour late.

I seem to have acquired another bug bite - this time it's on my eye lid. Grrrr....

Feeling very weepy - even though I had a lovely time in spite of the bad stuff with bowersibs. Moon days are not helping.

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