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I deserve a gold star today. =)

Today, lucky me got to take Alani to her annual doctor appointment.

We dropped Kyle off at school, and then stopped by Karen's office as she had left her purse at the house. Afterwards, we headed out to store to pick up stuff for tomorrow's ice cream social fund raiser for Relay for Life. Still had lots of time before Alani's appt., so we stopped by the chapel, gassho'd for mom, dad, grandparents and Auntie Haru & Uncle Ruzzy. Investigated where the chirping was coming from - two wee birdies and watched the water sparkle in the fountains.

Appointment time. A certain somebody threw a major hooey in the parking lot. Oy. Finally got her calmed down enough to enjoy the elevator ride up. Lots of toys in the waiting room plus a large aquarium. She enjoyed getting weighed and measured (36 inches and 30 pounds) and getting a hug from the blood pressure cuff (96/52). The doctor checked her out and then had to give her the 2nd hepatitis shot. He was very gentle. He had a pink sucker unwrapped and waiting. He swabbed her thigh as he told her what he was doing, then, he showed her the sucker and while she was going for it, he gave her the shot. Quick ouch, and then the sucker was in her mouth. Done.

Lunch at Mac's. Nuggets. She got the siamese kitty in her mighty kids meal. An elderly lady, who reminded me very much of Auntie Haru, came up to us and said what a "well behaved girl" Alani was. She gave Alani a dollar. =) We chatted a bit. Her name was Elaine.

Did a bit more shopping at Costco. Will have to do a final run to pick up ice cream tomorrow, but everything else is ready. Oh. Also need to pick up bananas. The ones at Costco were way too green.

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