Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Day 2, Still Sane...

Kids are asleep. I'm not sure when they finally both zonked, but I do rememeber lying next to Alani at 8:30pm and the next thing I knew it was 11:20pm. Falling asleep with your hard contacts in is just painful when you finally awaken.

Yup, herefox and I took the kids to Great America. Kyle measured out at the green level - 44-46 inches tall and Alani at the yellow level - 36 to 40 inches tall. Kyle is finally tall enough to ride one of the "adult" roller coasters - Psycho Mouse (one of my favorites). Foxy took him on the ride and Kyle did like it - though Foxy wasn't sure by the expressions on Kyle's face during the ride. Alani loved riding the merry-go-round - only had to ride it 4 times today. I think Foxy was a bit surprised at the amount of food that Kyle was able to eat - 2 slices of pepperoni pizza plus some of Alani's chicken strips and fries. Kids were happy cuz they won lots of prizes (early in the season + rainy weather = park not crowded)

After 5 hours at the park, we headed home. Dropped Sean off, and on the trip home, the kids zonked out. Woke up the kids after a 2 hour nap - very very crabby kids.

Thank you herefox!!!

Tonight we watched Benji - Alani's doggie movie request. I had never seen it before and was surprised to see just who was in the cast. Peter Breck? The lady who played Aunt Bea. Mark Slade ("Blue Boy"). Movie was totemo kawaii desu yo!

Tomorrow, Karen gets back. Tentative plans are to take the kids to see G. I need to get some work done as Alani & I have a play date on Monday, so I need to figure out something with K.

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