Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Wednesday, after a day telecommuting, I ran errands and then went to visit G at the hospital. A bunch of her friends from the PHP class were there, along with dinner as they all know that the food there is terrible. Nice visit. Preliminary thoughts are that she'll be out next week.

Came home to find a box from amazon sitting on the porch. Couldn't remember buying anything, so I ripped open the box and found a "just because I'm thinking about you" gift from indigorogue. *heartsigh*. Thank you 'leena - I needed the "pick me up". =)

Thursday, Faith & I went to see Tapestry - a revue based on the music of Carole King. Lots of fun. Lots of not quite singing out loud. =) Knew lots of the tunes but hadn't realized that she was the one who had written them. Reading through the song list, I'd think "I don't remember this one" and then then *boom* intro to song and "I know that one!". It's Going to Take Some Time was definitely one of those songs. Audience joined in to sing the "doo wop" part in You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman. Loved, loved, loved James Monroe Igleheart singing "I Feel the Earth Move".

Found Alani in my bed this morning. She was cheerful until she realized that today was a school day and not a play day. "I don't wanna go school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Kyle didn't want to get up either. Oh well. Kids were dressed, fed and at school on time. Go Me!

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