Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Life is *interesting*

Yeah, yesterday was not the world's best day for me. Good stuff and bad stuff.

Back to figuring out kid duty schedules. Thursday, K will watch the kids after S drops them off. Put them to bed with lots of reassuring snuggles. That evening, I'm going to see Tapestry at American Musical Theatre of San Jose with Faith and afterwards, I'll go relieve K so she can get ready for her LA trip. She'll be gone Friday - Sunday.

So I'll get the kids Friday - Monday. I think Monday will turn out to be a My Little Pony play date with Alani as she has no school that day.

herefox and I are planning on taking the kids to Great America on Saturday. Kyle will be in ride junkie heaven. I wonder how many times Alani will get to ride on the merry-go-round?

Planning out kid duty for next weekend - just in case. We've got it covered. Asking S to watch them one extra night, and then K says she'll manage while I'm in LA. I also have the following Monday off

Yesterday, I also managed to crash both the production server and the development server. Go Me??? Gotta love the conflicts between two separate pieces of software.

Good comfort food at Foxy's last night. Chili (not too spicy - Charlie's head did not burst into flame this week), David Bruce Pinot Noir and yummy molasses cookies.

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