Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

So Karen was dear enough to let me have my Sunday to myself. Depending on how G's feeling, Karen & I will be switching off spending the night at her place for the next week.

I have tickets to the A's game, but I think I'm going to skip it and catch up with things around the house.

I need to go the chapel today; flowers for Mom.

I see a hair moisturing treatment and maybe a Lush facial mask in my future. 'Tis best that nobody else see the process though. *weg*

Recharge internal batteries day.

While listening to the Giants game last night, found out that the Rockies' third base coach is Mikey!!! Mike Gallego is one of my favorite players from the late eighties - his is one of the few baseball cards I own.

edit 3:07pm... well, went to the chapel and then out for pizza lunch with Karen & Kyle. Alani & Mommy are visiting friend Joanne and going for a long walk with Wally the adorable doggie. Heard that Alani was extremely happy. "DOGGIE!!!"

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