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Misc stuff

Hmmm, been hearing about the movie Fever Pitch. Curiosity tweaked, I went to the website and watched the trailer. I may actually have to go see it even though the featured team is those damn Red Sox. Anybody else interested?

Took the kids out to Fisherman's Wharf yesterday. Lunch at Rainforest Cafe and lots of people watching along the wharf. Hulking skeleton man - Kyle was fascinated - Alani wanted nothing to do with him. Didn't see the bushman.

Finally took lilacfairy out for a birthday dinner. I'm only 3 months late. *sigh*. Nice dinner at Tomatina's on Park Street - grilled polenta was good but the garlic rolls were wonderful =). Yakked for a couple of hours. Lee had never been to the restaurant and had wanted to try it - she has only worked next door for the past 4 months *g*.

Maybe it was the garlic - but I had another vivid weird dream last night. We were at some sort of convention being held in building which was a mix of my old high school and my grammar school. Weird weird weird. Had Alani with me and we ended up on the second floor of high school and went down the main staircase at my grammar school to come out to a courtyward where they're having an art show. We were in search of a restroom which had no lines...

Kyle is going off to a buddy's birthday party at the Chabot Science Center with Mommy. Alani & I are going to run errands - Costco for sure - I'm on my last few cans of dp and tomorrow is a telecommute day.

I need to change out the red on this icon to light blue.


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Apr. 10th, 2005 03:46 pm (UTC)
good wine, too- mine was a rose of syrah. Good food, delightful company! I love surprises like getting asked out to dinner on the spur of the moment! Thanks, Deb!

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